. blog neglect & the horrific red vomit

I’ve not been paying this blog very much attention of late. I must try harder. It’s easy to put it on the back burner when the Easter holidays are still on the go, there are birthdays galore, I have a new camera lens to play with, and a bug hits our apartment bringing a tidal wave of vomit. O said she felt better today at lunch time and wanted to eat a red pepper. 20 minutes later I raced into the bedroom to find my bed awash in bright red sick. Not a pretty sight. But here is a pretty sight:


It’s a photo I took of Neue Kranzler Eck here in Berlin with my new lens. It features the new Waldorf Astoria which has not yet opened but I am expecting will no doubt have an amazing sky high bar somewhere. The pointy bits are part of the exotic bird cages in the courtyard area of Neue Kranzler Eck – a strange thing to find behind H&M on the Ku’damm I’ve always thought.

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About fiona

Hello, I'm Fiona. I like to paint and draw, but haven't done much of either over the past few years as I've been busy mopping up after (well, ok, maybe not mopping, more like throwing sheets of kitchen roll after) my two little children. My drawing and painting are a little bit rusty, but I'd like to get back into it, maybe sell a few things and you are more than welcome to join me and watch my progress.
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6 Responses to . blog neglect & the horrific red vomit

  1. Frau Dietz says:

    And what is your new lens, pray tell?

    • fiona says:

      Why it’s a Nikon AF-S DX 35mm f1.8G – and so far I have taken far more truly awful photos with it than I have good!

      • Frau Dietz says:

        Gosh that sounds awfully fancy. As a Canon user, anything with “Nikon” at the front of it sounds way out of my league ;) And I would argue you have taken at least one (above) EXCELLENT photo. I love it.

        And I am very envious that you have a new lens.

      • fiona says:

        Ah, no, because really I want a Canon. AND my Nikon is as entry level as it gets…it’s a D3000. I have secret dreams of a truly expensive camera, but I dare not even speak their name to S. Now I have started looking at filters… and tripods…this is not a good hobby for the unemployed trailing spouse!

  2. Frau Dietz says:

    You don’t have to speak their name to S, you just need to get your Etsy shop going and make people pay vast sums of money for all your brilliant work!! :D

    • fiona says:

      Oh….that’s an idea! Still haven’t found ANYWHERE in Berlin that can make me giclee prints for under Euro 40+ per A4. Must keep looking….xx

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